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Licensed Massage Therapist & Metaphysical Guide, Lexington, KY



Craniosacral Therapy (CST) can take us to a place of stillness where body, mind and soul can connect and heal on a very deep level. I discovered CST early on in my massage career as a student over 15 years ago. I was hooked immediately, as I went through profound healing experiences from receiving CST and began to share it with my clients.  As I continued my training and became proficient, my practice became focused around CST and it's amazing benefits. I love that it is a holistic modality, and yet the focus can be on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual piece, if we so choose. This gives me a great deal of flexibility and excitement in my field and I enjoy every day I get to spend with my clients. I truly hope to meet you soon and rest assured, the healing you seek is within reach! Call or email me to schedule your session now and begin to live a better life!

What is it?  Craniosacral Therapy is a hands-on modality in which I assess and treat the craniosacral motion that can be felt most strongly at the head (cranio) and bottom of the spine (sacral). This wave-like rhythm comes from the cerebro-spinal fluid in the space around the brain and spinal cord. Tension anywhere in the body can create a restriction in the flow. Light, gentle touch is used to correct the restrictions and let the body release naturally to allow positive changes.  The best thing about CST is that it works on EVERY system in the body with far-reaching effects and is suitable for EVERY age.  

What for?  Many conditions often improve with CST...(here is a short list): anxiety, arthritis, birth trauma, chemical sensitivity, chronic ear problems, fibromyalgia, headaches (migraines), depression, digestive problems, head and spinal injuries, hearing difficulties, hyperactivity, insomnia, learning disabilities, menstrual irregularities, pain, respiratory difficulties, sciatica, scoliosis, TMJ, and visual problems. Benefits may include, but are not limited to: increased energy, improved immune system function, reduced pain, faster recovery from injury or surgery, releasing of negative emotions and reclamation of self.

In additional to Craniosacral Therapy, I am also a Reiki Master and Licensed Massage Therapist.  My modalities include Reiki, Lymph Drainage, Trigger Point Therapy, Clinical Aromatherapy, and Emotional Body Healing as a Metaphysical Guide..         

All sessions take place in a comfortable, healing atmosphere.  Feel free to come a few minutes early to relaxand unwind before your session.    


In Healing and Love,

Angela Rae





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