Angela Rae, Craniosacral Specialist
Licensed Massage Therapist & Metaphysical Guide, Lexington, KY

Services and Rates

Craniosacral Therapy and Therapeutic Bodywork may include chakra and energy work, Reiki, lymph drainage, abdominal techniques, deep tissue release, trigger point, and other modalities as needed.

Metaphysical Guidance sessions include a discovery session to identify held emotions, hidden gains, and/or false self-identities for healing and transformation followed by craniosacral work. This process is extremely gentle and DOES effect brain patterns without having to revisit traumas or going over and over old "stories". I highly recommend it for anyone struggling with challenging relationships or recurring emotional triggers.  


Please allow 5-15 minutes of discussion time before, and integration time after each session.  This is an important part of our time together.  A 90 minute session typically includes over an hour of time on the table. 


Initial Consultation & Treatment      $150 please allow up to 2 hours

Follow Up Sessions                         $80 per hour (90 minutes is typical)

Infants and Children under 12         $40 up to 30 minutes


Discount Packages for intensives after an initial consultation.

90 Minutes       $610 Package of (6)     $1220 Package of (12)

120 Minutes     $815 Package of (6)     $1630 Package of (12)

























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